anyone in Chicago has visited the test center?

Just wondering if I need to pay an early trip there to check out the place in advance. Is there anything complicated in the test location? I am hoping I can just save my time on reading ethics handbook.

I went there last Sunday. from North, on the Lake Shore, exit at 31st, go ahead to ML King, make right on King, and go ahead, the West building of the McCormick is across and a bit to the south of the Hyatt hotel entrance (would be the first building on your left on King). I would go again, maybe tomorrow evening, and Saturday morning there is snow advisory. If I were you, I would sacrifice 2 hours of my time to get there just to make sure.

map1, have you found the suggested parking lot? and if yes what are the hours of operation?

My husband drove and he waited in the car for me while I was wondering around the hallways from Hyatt, across the sky bridge to he Hyatt conference center and than to the West building. Sorry, I cannot help you with that.

Thanks, maratikus just two more days my friend