Anyone in ER in NYC want a free lunch? Looking to network

I could have easily got you banned on what you said, so shut your hole

What rule did he violate?

He said he was a fat asian

  1. Post any content that is abusive, obscene, hateful, vulgar, fraudulent, threatening, harassing, defamatory, or which discloses private or personal matters concerning any person;

The same rule he’s violated over and over, and he’s already literally standing with one foot into the ban door

sorry troll, try again

^Isn’t it funny we tend to fear what may be best for us? I gave some of the best advice, albeit harsh, which could have helped you change course. I mean, you got the CFA because it’s the gold standard, and it got you nowhere. How is that helpful?

For ER, I know at least 5 MDs within Top 2 Firms and over 4 dozen at middle market firms. Since you want the path of least resistance, I can assure you that none of them would hire you.

Is he talking about being banned from AF?

if that’s what you read out of it, you have terrible cognitive abilities. or you’re just trolling.

I must admit, given the attitude of the OP toward an someone willing to help facilitate finding employment via an experienced network, it might have been fun to read how CvM tried to rip him a new one.

I did not see the offending post, so can’t comment on its contents, but it is true that we don’t want people going overboard on epithets and that kind of venom, even if it might be almost appropriate in this case.

its funny yall delete cvm funny post but let trolls start multiple bs threads

You saw the post? Was it indeed funny?

People are right that itera is a jerk

I sent him a PM asking for advice and he ignored me as usual

I’d better not catch you in Milwaukee!!

It was one of my rants. I can assure you I did not use any foul language, racial slur, nor post any private personal info. A certain someone got his feelings hurt and selfishly nuked it. Far from ban worthy imo based on the unnuked bile spewed up and down water cooler.

Now for the record, am I really on death row with my AF membership? I think we can both agree my drunken profane and racial rants have ceased to null. I do enjoy being a member here, kicking in my .02, and encouraging these young pups about to settle their first trade.

If the board feels I’m too abrasive still, I’ll bow out for another sabbatical.

You at Stark?

So “Boardmember” just means moderator, essentially? Lol.

i sent bchad a PM, no response.

the ‘boardmembers’ dont want to be be bothered by BO slaves

You don’t messag them, they’ll message you. I’ve been messaged about my manners a few times from a few of the boardmembers, including the chairman.

Board members are basically moderators, but there actually are other governance tasks that get lumped in. It’s conceivable that non-board moderators might be created in the future, but so far, the tasks are combined.

I have noticed that CvM has two distinct personalities here, and have often suspected (based on the hour and other things he’s said) that the unsavory one is alcohol-driven. I respect CvMs willingness to recognize that and confirm it and say he’s taking action to control that guy. Good for you. We all have our demons and I respect your willingness to try to get that one under control.

The other personality is generally helpful or at least amusing and I think has helped make AF a better place. My goal has been to try to stamp out the bad stuff while making it possible for the good stuff to stay.

I’ve noticed that CvM-the-id hasn’t appeared in a while and appreciate that. The last time it appeared it was really bad and I remember saying “if this continues, I can’t really defend it anymore,” which is where I believe the comment from itera came from about being on ban watch. Personally, I think CvM has cleaned up his act recently so I am not so ready to hit the button as I was when I said it.

CvM and itera have a set of disagreements that go back a ways, and so while it isn’t a very good idea to antagonize a board member, it also isn’t fit for board members to ban people because of personal dislike (one of the reasons for having multiple board members). In practice, it can be tricky to balance that, but we try our best, or at least I do. I think nuking a post or nuking a thread is often a way to deal with a specific incident without raising it to a ban discussion, and so that may well have been the appropriate action.

Generally a ban requires a consensus among the board members but does not explicitly require unanimity. In practice, all bannings so far have been unanimous.

Hahaha I literally thought itera was on this:

And I was so depressed about that fact. Thank god that isn’t the case.

As a sidebar, how can his behavior to candidates be condoned as a “boardmember” of this site? He antagonizes and mocks current candidates.

I just didn’t know what to say in response and didn’t think the topic was urgent so wanted to think about it. It’s not like you’re getting bad service from your monthly AF dues or anything.