Anyone in ER in NYC want a free lunch? Looking to network

I recently relocated to NYC to transition from corporate finance into financial services. I work corporate and strategy finance for a F100 transportation & logistics company and I am currently looking to transition into Equity Research covering the transporatation or A&D industries. I have a MS and BS in finance from a non-target state school, and recently became a CFA charterholder.

I am new to the city and looking to network a little. If you happen to work in ER as an associate or an analyst, and wouldnt mind a free lunch or coffee and offering up some advice feel free to PM me.

Thanks in advance!

I’ll take some lunch lil cubby.

Let’s meet in Harlem.

Look up this itera guy. He is a very supportive figure on AF who is always happy to mentor and help new people.


I’ve been a long time lurker. I have no plans of wasting lunch money no him lol.

Lunch is for wimps Krunk, let’s rip up UES!

Sometimes the harshest critics indirectly give the best advice. Chances are he’s still a jerk but dont’ discount what he might have to tell you.

One technique I used to find contacts was utlizing NYSSA’s membership directory. You can search for members by their university so it can help you pin point some alumni from your school. It may also list the firm they work for.

I believe most if not all of the CFA societies have a directory.

Not sure if you tried this yet, but from my experience, alumni are usually willing to help you out, more so than random strangers. This way, you know you both have a couple of things in common already: You attended the same university and you both endured the pain of the CFA program!

lol looks like the reputation has already preceeded me.

As mk17 said, apprently it never occured to you that whatever advice that the harshest critic gives you that can help you change course may be the best advice you ever get. A supportive past critic may have said to you “yea do the CFA, it’s the gold standard”. then now you have that, and got nowhere. how is that helpful to you?

For ER, I know 5 lead internal recruiters within the bulge brackets, and 4 at mid-tier ones and could get anyone an interview on a snap. But since you want the path of least resistance, you wouldn’t be someone i’d ever meet with anyway.

Goldy7, thanks for the feedback, unfortunately I tried that and there was no match from my university. I’m still going to PM you a few questions. Thanks again for the help.

man that looks awesome.

Not far from where I live. I haven’t been in ages because I can’t eat too much of that food anymore, but it is definitely delicious!

lets do it chad-then hit up a comedy show

I think you will show up at that place to find that CvM is actually a small, skinny Jewish guy.

If I was a small skinny Jew, why would I be pounding down ribs and pulled pork!?

CvM what industry do you work in? I happen to like bbq, but that place is a hike.

Wow. An AF celebrity offers you a meetup and you’re complaining that it’s too far away, but you’ll go if the industry is right?

if you’d like, you can meet him in Harlem.

Bump for any serious comments please.

great attitude. we got a real strong candidate here

And Itera uses the mighty power of his Boardmember status to nuke my post. I should’ve known.