Anyone in Los Angeles (South Bay if possible)


Im in west LA

which level ?

I’m in San Diego, and would be willing to drive up to LA on weekends to go over stuff like once a month or so. I’m doing L1 in June 2009. Let me know.

Ooops, sorry… forgot to post it was for LIII Billy, don’t waste time on the 5/405. I am pretty sure you will find a group down in SD?

We should do a SoCal meet at least once or twice…Billy and I are trying to form a small group in SD, but would greatly benefit from as well as contribute to a larger group. Maybe all of us–individually–can do a small presentation on something we feel least comfortable with–FSA or Corp Finance for me–and teach the rest of the group? Thoughts?

Not a bad idea, but we need to be studing for the same level in order to do this!

crablegs, Hi I am in Level III based in west LA. Drop me an email.

Hi, Im moving to LA mid of next month and still dont know what neighrborhood i’d be moving to. please email me…