Anyone in NYC watching the Pacquiao v Marquez at a Pub?

If so, which place do you usually frequent to watch the big fights?

I usually go the SNAP on W14th… but get there way too early, and end up with a very large tab. Still deciding if its worth it.

i bought the PPV…i had my money on JMM but was sad to see Pac get KOed Jones style…

Agreed. It’s always different when you see a top line ‘legend’ get short circuited like that. I mean, you’ve seen nasty knockouts like that before, but usually from journeymen, rarely with boxers that are so built up in myth… I felt it was worse than the Roy Jones downfall.

I was disappointed he allowed himself to get knocked cold face down and to remain motionless for as long as he did. I think that one KO tarnished a great deal of all he’s built up in his career.

There’s no possible retribution, unless he KO’s JMM or a Mayweather with equivalent ferocity. Lights out before you hit the ground and face down with your gloves under your stomach.

Apparently, that Marquez guy is like 40-years-old. He has been boxing professionally for almost 20 years. That’s a long time to be in the career of “punching people while being punched in the face”…

No way his wife is letting him back after last Saturday’s scene. Manny is done.

^agreed. $20mm in the bank. He should move on with his political career.

pac hasn’t been into boxing since he beat margarito…he trained like one month for this fight…he got what was coming…

and it doesn’t diminish his career one bit…he is still one of the greatest (no.2) of this generation…no matter if he lost all of his next few fights by KO nothing changes what he did in his prime.

with a resume like barrera (2x), morales (2x), marquez(3x), de la hoya, margarito, mosley, clottey, bradley, cotto he is a sure hall of famer and right up there with the greats

every fighter eventually loses

i hope he retires for the sake of his health.

I don’t think you quite understand how getting knocked out works. He did not “allow himself… to remain motionless for as long as he did.” You’re knocked the frick out. You don’t have a choice in the matter. Yes, some people can take a harder punch than others, but there’s really a pretty clear limit on how far that ability extends.

I boxed for 4 years pretty competitively through college. I can garuntee you if Tyson or Pac were forced to stand in front of me motionless while I took a swing, I could knock them out. The whole idea of some 250 lb dude being able to take a 2x4 to the head in movies is stupid. A skull is a skull and no amount of lifting weights or being tough will change the fact that a momentary shift in inertia will cause your brain to bump the wall of your skull resulting in a knock out. They gain their resistance and ability to “take punches” through quick motions and reflexes- i.e. rolling with the punches. You will never hit a motionless pro boxer, they are always moving with the punch and doing things like keeping their chin low to their chest to prevent taking a solid connection to the jaw.

Bonus fun fact, one of the primary functions of mouth guards isn’t soley to protect your teeth. It’s more commonly to protect you from concussions as having your teeth click together can send a shockwave through your skull that will concuss you. Hence, why football and hockey players wear them.

Anyhow, so you might ask why he didn’t avoid the punch that would have knocked anyone out. Bottom line is that crap happens. You’re dodging thousands of punches over the course of a career, sooner or later one’s bound to catch you. He said himself he got confident that things were moving his way and was beginning to move a little agressively. When you do that, you tend to open yourself up. Both guys were really stepping into the ring ready to go, and when you start trading punches and stepping away from a technical fight, these things happen. Anyways, I thought it was awesome that with so much on the line, both guys stepped up and went at it the way they did instead of sitting back to win by points. That’s admirable.

JMM and Pac are both warriors…we dont’ have many boxing heros left…broner, rios, canelo just don’t make the cut to me…donaire and gamboa should make a fight though…it’ll be interesting…

Frankie, boxing is dead. Stop trying to catch the falling knife. It looks cheaper every year for a reason… it’s going to 0.

True value investors bought the dips on UFC.

Agreed Swan. It’s a bit like trading. Shit happens. What I meant was, he didn’t have to win that round in the judges’ eyes by ending with a flurry. He had JMM in the next round for the most part. He danced a halfhearted jab that was unneccssary, and in his experience, he probably felt JMM was just going to let the bell ring. It wasn’t a tight jab, nor was his left (being a southpaw), in a seriously defensive position for a counter. But in the heat of the biggest fight of your life, who thinks such things…

But shit happens. I understand that no matter how muscular you are, you don’t develop ‘head’ muscles… unless you were like ‘Marvin Hagler’ or maybe ‘Holyfield’… a skull and brain rocking against each other is the same no matter how rugged the rest of your body is…

I’ve never had any reason to full out trade punches with someone, always been a counter puncher myself… but I guess if you’re earning 20 million for the fight, why not?

boxing is dying I agree…but boxing is still way more fun to watch than UFC…I have yet to see a UFC that was as exciting as the fight we saw last weekend…I still watch every UFC event though…

nice commentary black swan: always wondering if anyone else out there still enjoys boxing as much as i do.

willhz, what are some fights you wanna see? i’m giong to give bob a call…

There should be a new sport: fightball. Fightball would be a combination of football and UFC. 100-yard field, 17 players on the field per team, 46 players in the active roster for the day. 5-minute rounds where each team can beat the ish out of the other to score. It would be like Rugby on roids.