Anyone in Saint Louis using Schweser for level 3

Hi Guys Are any of you in Saint Louis using Schweser for level 3? I am just using CFAI material. I would love to take a look at Scweser q-books. Thanks and appreciate your help in advance,

Yes. Using it as my primary resource then doing EOC questions in CFAI text. Questions are more straightforward, but who knows how accurate they are vs. what the institute will ask. Used them as sole resource for level 2 and barely passed, still using them just b/c I don’t have the time to grind through CFAI material b/c of work. Where do you live? I live in the CWE. Personal email is

Thanks browndt1. I also live in CWE by forest park. I am going to e-mail you to your personal e-mail.

If anyone from Saint Louis is using Schweser or Stalla, would you let me know? Can we make a deal : can I copy your practice exam book in return of some monetary pmt from me? Of course - if it is aceeptable to you.