Anyone in the same boat?

I thought I forgot all about the exam but I started freaking out the moment my work colleagues got their results (L1 and 2) yesterday … anyone in the same boat?

yesterday on the way to drop me off at the airport for a holiday trip with mom, my hubby asked “do you want me to also take a day off on Aug 13?” i was like “why wud I want to take leave day that day?” he said “i thought your result is out on 12 evening” i went “gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh why did you remind me??” been nervous since

True, my colleague who studied more than me (as I gave FRM exam last November and started in February as am a retaker) failed her level 2 exams just made me freak out. I want to forget everything and will try hard not to come to AF till 12 August.

What boat? How many people can fit in that boat?

no, I don’t want to overload that boat…might sink somewhere between the ocean

quite a lot of boats floating on AF these days

ah yes… i can sense your fear, let it flow through you

Flowing through my veins, arteries and capillaries … Epic I tell you

there were 3 level II candidates in our office.2 passed. Results were the last thing on my mind till 29th july and then the nightmares began.

7 stupid days left…

I’m counting down the days…

Thie ice I thought I had in my veins as I casually drifted through June and July is beginning to melt.

do L3 mails also get delayed?

Same mail server also half the amount of emails sent to L1+2 … = > I dont think so :slight_smile: ! but there’s still a slight possibility…

that’s a good point. I’ve always received the email around 3.30pm UK time but they might come quicker for Level 3.

Level 1 December results came at the same time as level 2 but I imagine there are usually less people sitting level 3 each june than level 1 each december.

I always got my results about 2-3 hours after it came out. Hopefully that time is definitely reduced!