Anyone is using Wiley for Level III?

I agree. CFAI materials are difficult to read through and way too time consuming. Their EOC questions are more difficult, I think.

Now we wait til April for the rest of the materials. (face palm)

This is frustrating. I don’t know why they would sell the product if the materials are not available yet. I think they should prorate the price based on the availablility instead of charging us the whole price in the front with the situation.

Wow they have delayed it again!!??

I think they delayed it again. Ugh. I don’t know why they don’t release videos one at a time. You can’t tell me they haven’t completed another video since their initial posting.

Thinking about just asking for my money back and just paying for Kaplan. This is really frustrating.

Or maybe we should encourage others to purchase so that they have the money to keep it going … #pleasehelpwiley

While i agree with supporting them, one has to be studying by now. If one is viewing this as their main training, they need to get moving. If one is studying manuals and viewing this as a post study review course, then being half done is not unreasonable.

If they can’t release all the materials in the 1st week of April that would be rediculouly late even for the 2nd review.

I got “Internal Server Error” trying to log in … anyone?

Less than a month left and not all the review questions are available. Any Wiley users here?

Nope, I already gave up on them.

I bought their stuff last night cause I wanted to print out some of their reading summaries as I used them in the past for Level I and II. I also was looking to use their practice questions for further review as they separate by reading. The questions looked like shit and you can’t PDF download the readings. Waste of money if you don’t get the print copy of the readings. They have gone downhill. #soldout

With all the delays and negative comments recently I would give Wiley a wide birth to say the least…