Anyone is using Wiley for Level III?

I passed Level II using Elan materials, which I think was really good and helped me pass. Now they were purchased by Wiley and started offering Level III this year. Just wondering how is it? Looks like Peter Olinto is not teaching Level III, and he’s the only one I like so far…

So are their Level III materials good? Is it worth buying?

Curious about this as well. I’ve always used Kaplan, which I have been using thus far, but was considering purchasing the 11th hour guide at least. I’m sure it’s difficult for people to gauge as they’ve really just rolled out, or are in the process of rolling out their guides as we speak. It seems kind of risky at this point to run with them as your primary 3rd party provider but who knows…

I have been reading throught the CFAI materials and just want do more problems. Schweser’s Qbank didn’t help much last year.

I’m curious about the Wiley’s. Thourght their Level II materials were pretty well written, not sure if the same guy wrote the Level III materials

Basit Shajani wrote all three levels of study guides.

Good to know. Thanks!

My pleasure.

Just bought the self study package. Interactive website and study plan look ok. Content still a bit slow to roll out. Revisions needed. 15% discount is still available (10 Mar was the deadline, and then they extended to 17 March) :frowning:

How long did it take for you to get access? Just placed an order 10 minutes ago, still no email. And I’m sad I can’t get printed books.

You should have received the email by now. Yes, no free hard copy. :(. If there were, it would be too late in May though.

I like what they have, but it can be frustrating because only half of their material is done. They claim the rest will be avaiable in March, but it’s the middle of the month and they still haven’t delivered.

To still be releasing material less that 2 and a half months out from the exam is just crazy, and totally put me off going with Wiley. I knew this would happen and chose a different provider. Seems I made the right choice!

I purchased the Silver Course last week. I’m also using Schweser Self Study Package. Wiley uses smaller bite sized lessons and obviously there’s a lot of overlap with Schweser. They offer 24-Hour trials. Sign up for one and see how you like it. I’m using them primarily for the videos. The combination of Wiley’s videos and Schweser’s SchweserNotes has really been solidifying. Schweser seems to be best for me to understand the details. Wiley’s videos seem to be best to put everything in perspective from a more “real world” way of looking at things. By using both I think it will really be beneficial.

The weird thing is that the test is basically unchanged from last year outside of one new reading. You’d think they could just reuse old material.

It’s the first time they release level 3 materials …

I bought their self-study package as well. So far this is how I feel:


The bit sized lessons do make it easier to go through. The materials are written in a concise and easy to understand way. However not sure if it covers everything in the CFAI? I have been reading CFAI books and can usually get >70% for EOCs. However after reading Wiley, I only got high 50s.


They don’t have any essey questions other than the 1 mock.

Not all answers have an explanation, which annoys me a lot. I would like to know why I did it wrong other than being told that I did it wrong. Not sure if they can fix that before the exam. It’s already late.

I’m using it to go through the rest 25% of the material and as a quick 2nd review and refresh so the fact that they are releasing so late doesn’t bother me as much.

I’m curious about the vedios. Are they good?

So far I’ve enjoyed the videos. I like the real world examples. That seems to help solidify everything for me. The videos for the Currency and Fixed Income pieces seemed to really help me the most. Although about half of the curriculum from Wiley isn’t coming out until the end of next week I believe. I’ve read the SchweserNotes multiple times and the Wiley Videos still seem to reinforce ideas or concepts I may have not fully understood or may have been light on.

Thanks for the inputs. What do you think about their Qbank so far?

Do you think their lessons cover everying in the CFAI materials?

Hey there, each answer does have its own explanation, you just need to select a different answer when you retake the assessment exam until the explanation pops up. Strange mechanism isn’t it?

I don’t think I actually have access to their “QBank”. I will say that there are questions at the end of each sub-section called “Assessments” which might be anywhere from 2 to 12 questions… that might be all of the questions they offer. They are a little more difficult than the QBank from Schweser and seem to be more direct application of concepts and mathematical formulas than the more theoretical and applied questions that sometimes draw on multiple Readings in Schweser’s QBank.

Their lessons cover everything in the SchweserNotes and occasionally slightly more. To be honest, I’ve tried reading certain CFAI Readings and I can’t focus long enough to really get through them in any sort of time efficient manner so I just stopped. I don’t find my time is best spent reading for multiple hours and not being able to retain more than half of what I read. I prefer to read SchweserNotes multiple times and go through the Wiley Videos/Notes in the same amount of time and really feel like I understand the concepts. Then I supplement with the CFAI EOC’s.

I’m scoring in the 90’s on Schweser QBank Quizzes right now using all of the Readings for the Quiz and I have only read half of maybe three Readings from the CFAI Curriculum, however, I have read the SchweserNotes at least twice for every section and sometimes three or four for certain sections. Now I’m starting Wiley’s Videos to reinforce further.

Good finding, but I don’t think this is an efficient way to check the answers in general, especially you don’t have much time to waste towards to the end. They really need to fix this.