anyone just starting this week?

After months of essay writing, school researching, and spending time on gmatclub, I’m finally finished (read: gave up) with my b-school applications and starting to devote myself to LII studying. I’m a little behind my original schedule - about 3 months behind. Just today I received my Stalla books and signed on to AF for the first time in months. Oh, and if anyone cares, after taking the June exam last year I had a nervous breakdown because I used my admission ticket as scrap paper. I wrote on it question to review and not formulas. Everything did work itself out and I got a Pass. Anyway, it’s good to be back, good to see posts from last year’s LI active members and looking forward to meeting new ones. LII - here I come!

How about not even starting this week?

I just ordered my Schewser Books after realizing I will not have the time to go through CFA Curriculum, therefore I am not starting until I receive those books. Anyone know how long they take to ship them to Canada? Western Canada to be exact.

Better late than never I guess. PS: I’m starting this week as well.

V.VanCandidate - they took only a couple days to ship to downtown Vancouver, so you should be studying in no time… :wink: I’m just grinding through SS6… it’s… different…

Starting after earnings season.