anyone kicked out of the sample test?!?`

I went to answer question #48 and it kicked me out on sample 2. It took me back to the welcome page. What do I do?!?!?

They clearly know you don’t have what it takes and spared you the trouble lol just kidding.

Obviously, I just got a 60. Better than the 43 last weekend I guess. LOL Ironically I passed sections that I failed last time and vice versa. What does that say? I signed back in and it started me back up where I left off. Go figure.

amber Im kinda in the same boat, but can’t seem to get better than a 65-70 :frowning:

Amber - I got kicked out of a question on sample # 1…and signed back in as well. I thought it was because I took too much time on the one question…

Seems that is what happened to me Ellejay, I remember thinking, I can take as much time on one question as I want! LOL Thanks for the comfort being!