Anyone know anything about Rothschild Ibanking Interview?

Looking at Rothschild Canada opportunities just curious what their ibanking interview questions would be like? have an upcoming one next week. This is an analyst position and the interview is with two associates and one analyst im assuming its a generalist analyst position since the team is small hence its not sector specific nor deal type specific (e.g. not focused on M&A versus equity offerings, its likely any type) any tips/ideas would be appreciated - in the past i’ve been very close to land equity research and sales/trading at top 3 canadian banks but just missed the mark, so i want to take this one more seriously - background is accounting and insurance; part of the reason being i choke on technical questions or flop on the time pressure microsoft excel tests they give me during the interview thanks guys any tip about the firm or ibanking interviews would be great

You will probably get a better response at Wall Street Oasis. Good luck with the interview. m