Anyone know of a job opening...anywhere?

I’ve been applying everywhere for a job that will get my foot in the door in equity research/analysis. Does anyone have any contacts that may help in my endeavor? I just took the level 1 exam and feel as though I passed. I have a BBA in Finance with a 3.85 cumulative GPA and 3.97 major GPA. I currently work as a valuator of closely held business in Jacksonville, Florida; however, I am willing to relocate for the right position. Thank you my fellow candidates :slight_smile:

If only it were that easy …

Piper Jaffray in MN is hiring for various ER posistions. I understand MN is a culture shock from FL. Best of luck to you though.

The Miami Dolphins will have a lot of openings coming up in January.

Agreed USF Bulls :slight_smile: btw my girlfriend just graduate from USF. Their football program was exciting to follow this season.