Anyone know some private client advisers in denmark

Im looking for a financial adviser for myself ehr ein denmark, anyone know of any company? I dont have a lot of money to start with so cant go to one of those ones that require a big minimum. Im definately not high networth thats for sure, maybe in the future, but definately not now

No, but I sure might know of someone who might know. Do you have an e-mail address? Don’t want to put someones name out here on the Internet.

Why do people go to FAs again?

i need one to help me with pension stuff especially like it may be tax deductible to make contributions, but i cant take it out till im like 60 at a 60% tax rate if i take it early, but i may be able to put it offshore email me a khosanman (at)

Maddane, you might also want to read this article (now a few years old) - it contains some stuff you might want to know. Google can translate it for you at a “good enough” level. Edited: Here’s another one.

maddane Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i need one to help me with pension stuff > especially … > email me a khosanman (at) Done!

Thanks MehdiOchre, but im not really wrried about immigration here at this stage. Plus my girlfriend is actually a swede, so I guess we could always stay in malmo if I continued to work in copenhagen. Also i never got that email you said you sent??