Anyone know the Pass Rate?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew the pass rate for first time takers for Level II? I know the pass rate is like 37% for overall.

not released

the actual pass rate we will obviously know it after the exam.

last year was 43%. lowest year was 32% average was 47% but that include de 1980 to 2000 which was CFA in a craker jack box

don’t even bother looking at pass rates pre-2000, those high pass rates will never come back, and those people were ultra-lucky they passed when the exams were much easier. Nothing compared to today’s exams.

Perfect example of first mover advantage

I’m guessing for first timers, pass rate is about 15-20% because of the huge backlog of retakers as the pass-rates go down.

Count on 35-40% seems to be the range they’ve established. But again that doesn’t matter it’s the MPS that counts. I love all the hate for the pre 2003 charterholders. Perhaps we should start an online petition to get them to either raise rates to 60% or offer level II twice a year.

i am wondering if the rate differs from 1st take to 2 attemp etc


1 taker 20% pass

2 taker 50% pass

3-4-5-6-7-8 40% pass

I would argue that the rate of pass for first time test takers is the highest, and the pass rate is lower and lower for each subsequent try.

My empirical evidence comes from CFP pass rates ( Historical results (1995-2011) of first time test takers has a pass rate of 61.5%, and re-takers pass at a rate of 42%. I should add that leads to a total pass rate of 56.7%.

those are interesting stats! I would argue this tho :

i think on the second attemp you will have a very high chance of passing since you probably put twice as much since you were so pissed after the first time,

but after that, third, 4th, 5th , 6th significantly drops since they probably at least 1 time put the required time into it but they are just not able to do that kind of test.

in your stats, 2nd 3rd 4th are all in the same boat.

well that’s just what i think.

Logically, It makes sense.

Fail attempt 1, fine you’ve never taken it before

Fail 2, if you gave it a real effort and failed again, now there’s something fundamentally wrong

Fail 3+ whatever you’re doing isn’t working, so as long as you stay with your method, chances are it will continue to fail