Anyone know why the results were released 1h too early?

The results were supposed to be sent out @9am ET yet they were sent out @8am ET.

Almost got an heart attack when I saw the results email in my mailbox…surely wasn’t expecting it at that point.

It happened for the L2 results as well

Dont know, but I made sure I was at my desk before 1 in case they were released early

Why do you care about the exact timing. If you passed, just celebrate.

CFAI trying to make up for 2017 when they sent results about 12 hours late.

stupid post

I just had a shower and was about to have dinner when my study buddy called and said he failed. That was around 8:30pm (12 hours ahead of EST).

Told myself to finish dinner first before checking so I could eat…But throughout the whole dinner I was just thinking about the results.