Anyone knows Sophis?

Hello together, I got a question, if anyone of you knows sophis and what is your opinion towards this company. I will maybe receive an offer as a Project Management Consultant. I am graduated soem month ago, so I most worry about the career development in long term. I saw, that there are also attractive positions for project manager with experience with sophis. So I think it could be a nice company to work for. Sophis is not too big 45 employee in london and as far as I remember 300 ww and growing extremely fast (last 3 years ~40% and this year it will be even much faster since thex received money from some PE)… What is your opinion towards the attractiveness of this company and position?! Or also what is your opinion/experience towards working for an small company. And is it still possibly to work at some future time in a tier I bank or will this be extremely difficult? I would really appreciate any opinions and comments!!!

Just for info: Sophis provides cross-asset and fully integrated front-to-back-office solutions to buy and sell-side institutions.