Anyone knows when Elan will release PQs?

I don’t mind waiting because I remember how good their questions were for L1, but I’m starting to think that it’s taking a while…

They attached the schedule on their website. Everything is going to be released between now and 4/8.

Elan has been postponing their PQ releases. Earlier they had planned to release everything by 25th March if I’m not wrong. Then they postponed it to the 1st of April and now they have done it to the 8th of April.

I emailed them earlier this week, and they said they would upload the pending PQs as on date by this weekend. So we can expect the remants of FSA and the whole of Corp. Finance within a day or two.

Are they vignette style questions?

Just heard back from them. More questions will be up later today.

@clearlycanadian: No vignettes at all.

@ rest of you. How’re you finding their questions on the difficulty scale. Those two statement questions drove me crazy on their Level I mocks, and they’re doing it again.