Anyone leaving their phones off the last week?

Yep, that’s the plan here… phone stays off the entire week (and I’m taking time off from work as well)

No - but I will be off all week.

what time will you get up to study when you are off work?

and study how many hours

I’ll get up around 6:30-7, which is much later than I do for work, and aim to study for 7 or 8 hours and get a workout in. This way I can have a relaxing evening. Friday I won’t touch a book and, if it’s anything like past years, may only move to go to the couch or refrigerator.

Full disclosure - I’ve put in a lot of time studying for this thing so far. I mean A LOT.

sounds like a plan…i can’t put anymore stsuff in my brain after 6-7 hours of study…

cgo, what’s your movitation to study so far…

I am at a point that I am so sick of those books right now….

My resentment and hatred for all things CFA is very real at this point - the ONLY thing driving me is fear of failure. I can’t do something 80% - I redline everything.

I’m off next week too. I’ll probably study 8am-6pm type of thing. I generally lose usefulness at a certain point in there. I generally don’t do much on the Friday before, maybe some light notes reading/flash card flipping, but I’m of the opinion that if I don’t really get something by then, I’m not going to.

I have next week off as well. altough i do not think i could put more effort into this… Will finish a couple of mocks left and review some notes. Definintely friday will be relaxing.

I have put a lot of effort into this… and i do not see how i will be able to pass. Seems very easy to commit errors, morning session really scares me.seriously i put much more hours than recommended by the CFAI and still do not feel well prepared…

Definitely better prepared than for level 1 and 2… :-S

For those who are off work, how many hours of studying a day are you guys doing? I’m aiming for 7.5 hours a day minimum, seem to top out at 9 and the last 3-4 hours aren’t really that effective. I’m not getting through as much as I’d like during that time. Reading is tough, taking mocks is easy hours.