anyone looking for a job that pays 80k???here it is

PA needed for wife of Investment Mogul in Stamford Investment Bank Stamford, CT Details: Personal Assistant needed for high profile investment mogul’s wife. She needs high level executive personal assistant to manage her day to day personal affairs. Responsibilities will include (but not limited to): -Running errands as needed -Making personal appointments - running her schedule/daily calendar -Going to the house as necessary to organize her office, etc. -Intricate travel arrangements and creation of itineraries -Scheduling all vendors for the home maintenance -Helping to get visa’s for the nanny -Ordering gifts -Organizing large parties -Scheduling children’s activities (3 children under the age of 9) -Create and maintain filing system -Answering phones -Assisting the EA to Investment mogul (husband) as needed Requirements: -Must be proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook -Must have BBY experience (person will be carrying one) -Must type more than 55 wpm -Must have experience setting personal appointments -Must have experience with very intricate travel arrangements and creation of itineraries Person also needs to have pleasant demeanor, strong work ethic, excellent organizational skills, flexible schedule, sense of confidentiality and most importantly-ability to anticipate needs! Candidate must be polished, articulate, and have NO EGO. The candidate that will excel in this role will be incredibly resourceful and a team player. The person must have great energy, patience, great work ethic and someone who can ANTICIPATE needs. Position will be based mainly in the main office in Stamford most of the time. The residence is in Greenwich, so a car is a necessity. Hours: M-F 8:30am to 5:30pm or as needed for special events Salary: $60-$80k (DOE)

sounds like a good way in to working for an ‘investment mogul’ hahahaha this has to be a joke…

this was pulled off of it is an actual post

LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOL! i laughed out loud when i saw this. definitely the post of the day.

this is not for the “mogul” but his freaking WIFE!!! what the hell does she do that keeps her so busy??? 1. sleep with the pool boy 2. sleep with the gardener 3. spend his husbands billions 4. fight off “mogul’s” women in the city 5. yell at nanny for raising her 3 kids incorrectly

There is no way 80K is enough for this position…I wouldn’t do it for less than $300K.

i know its not for the “mogul”, but you’ve got to wonder if someone would be desperate enough to try and get an AM job via this route!

They did a study two years ago and said an average salary for a house wife should be around $120-$130k; so this is definitely not paying enough.

This qualifies as professional experience for CFA, right?

wow!!! there’s m next job!

I guarantee this wife fools around. I’ll take it. I like older chicks, and a quasi finance job to boot!

I would take the job, film her exploits and threaten to release it to the public. Is that illegal by any chance?

Hmm… Glocap really has quality jobs, I see…

goldenboy09 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 3. spend his husbands billions something is seriously wrong with number three.

i must admit though, this job is pretty good for 80k. think about what other alternatives most people (including myself) have. how many of you guys even make 80k? now consider the fact that you spent years studying and trying to get to where you’re at.

what sucks is that a headhunter is trying to fill this job and looking foward to her 20-40% cut of filling this job…

Two thoughts: 1) Glocap really will take anyhing, huh? 2) If they need a firm to staff this position, I can’t even imagine how high maintenance this broad is. 80K ain’t enough. She spends that before the coffee’s brewed.

if she does get a personal assistant, then what will she do?

Yeah…I need to see a picture of the wife before I decide.

don’t be so superficial ws, i’m sure she’s a lovely human being.