anyone made a formula sheet ?

I ripped out the formula pages from the back of Schweser so that I can look at them while transporting.

I found a few that are not in the back of Schweser, did anyone prepare formula sheets the include anything? Would save us some time.

many thanks

Yes, wrote them with hand. Will take an hour for you to prepare and its worth it. Takes 15 mins to review it. Will review it atleast for 10 more times before the exam.

:frowning: man looking through 3000 pages of CFA will probably take me more than one hour, plus I cant even read my handwritting

I guess I will have to go for it ! Thanks

man nothing shatters your confidence than flipping 3000 pages to get formulas

you get to see how much you forgot

how much you never learned

and how much of the pages look printer fresh, ie you never even seen them before

just flash cards. that way you can quiz yourself instead of just looking at formulas

^ you don’t seem very confident. at all

I wonder how much of the population are the AFers

Compared to most AFers I should go ahead and start my happy hour, I just think these guys are maybe the top 10% when it comes to prep time, and compared to the full population I should stand a good chance

Well, half will pass. You just gotta beat 1 other person

haha, somehow the simplified logic above motivates me, beat 1 other person, now that sounds doable

Disagree. 50 other persons. Not easy.

what do you mean 50 0ther persons?

Hoping 50% success rate. You need to be better than 50% others.

there are formula flashcard in there.

If you’re relying on the Schweser formulas, you’re missing out on a ton. I’ve done the blue box questions in CFAI (twice) and would say Schweser end of book formulas probably constitute a third of what I have written down. Some are technically the same, but CFAI’s are conceptually easier.

I’m a retaker and used Schweser only last year. A question in the PM (last year) was completely foreign to me. Going through the blue box questions this year I saw the exact formula/process and was…not happy.

^ these stories tend to appear more and more frequently now for L2 and L3

God forbid I have to retake this exam - and I’ve paid my dues big time this year so the “band anything” thought makes me quiver - but I’ll use CFAI 100%.

On the other hand I know several people who never cracked a CFAI book and passed L3 first time using Schweser only.

L3 has been the least fun exam I’ve ever studied for and/or taken. Hopefully this is the last week we’ll ever have to look at this stuff again!

i have a word doc with every single major quantitative problem across every part of the curriculum in it in sequence of the reading #s. it is all scanned + copy/paste from schweser and CFAI source material.

any chance you could share that with us?!