Anyone near Hollywood, FL who is taking the June 2012 Level 1?

I am not really looking for someone to study with. I am looking for someone who I can exchange progress updates and study methods to keep ourselves motivated and on schedule throughout this brutal curriculum.

It doesn’t matter where you are from, email buddies are ok.

Here is my contact:



AF doesn’t like html tags? Just go to the link for my contact:

im interested… june 2012 level-1 … add me skype: Gypsy.182

Hi Gypsy, I don’t use skype… Would you like to exchange emails? My email is: Send me a note so I can know your email. I do not recommend posting your email publicly as plain text…

hi Though not from Hollywood, but i am interested in being a part of the online study group/discussions where we can share our progress, discuss doubts/good problems. My details : Name : Debashis Dan Age : 26 City/Country : Bangalore/India Working as : Software Engineer Educational Qualification : Bachelor of Engineering (Computers) My Skype : debashis.dan

Hello Debashis Dan, thank you for your interest! I am also in technology (.net developer), but taking the CFA exams because the knowledge can be helpful for me. This is my third time taking this exam! Feel free to email me directly at Where are you in the curriculum?

I studied a li’l bit of Ethics… Doing the Quant part now… Done with Time Value of Money. Presently studying Discounted Cash Flow Applications… Intend to complete the entire Quant by 10th December and start with FRA.

Hi Debashis, It sounds like you are going very fast. Are you reading everything or skipping around and solving the problems? How familiar are you with these subjects? I am at the end of economics and plan on starting FRA soon too.

I have completed Time Value of Money throughly. Discounted Cash Flow Applications will be over by tonight. I am reading from the CFA books, then solving CFA book end-of-chapter exercises and doing extra problems from ‘Analyst Notes’. Am from Engineering background… so not at all familiar with anyy of the Readings… Every chapter is new to me. But very exciting & interesting : )