Anyone not studying today....?

Can’t get into it today, just want to take the exam and get it over with. Not sure it’s worth doing anything other than reviewing my formula sheet and reading through ethics one last time.

i’m studying until about 6pm… i won’t be able to focus on anything else anyway.

i’ll study until 8, just do questions and review formula sheet

Alright, you guys are motivating me. I think I can handle one more day of this. Last year I took the whole week of which was horribly ineffective, was burned out by Tuesday/Wednesday. This year I’ve put in more time and am hitting my wall today. As interesting as the material is, I’ve never been so excited to get an exam over with…

i said i wouldn’t, but who am i kidding.

After 4 months of studying, I wouldn’t want to barely fail because I took a day off today. That said, I won’t be doing much. Look over formulas, review a couple of sections lightly (icapm, real estate investment characteristics, time series), and read through ethics in the secret sauce.

Going hard! Reading Porters in CFA text (in detail), formula review, scan ethics readings, finish one more practice test, maybe a little fixed income. No stopping until 5pm tomrrow for me. To bed early tonight though.