Anyone on AF play open hockey?

I’m planning on visiting the US [most likely the North East] after Xmas and was wondering whether it would be realistic to just turn up at an ice rink and play a few sessions of open hockey? Would insurance issues prevent me from doing so given that I’m not a US citizen? [UK national] Obviously I’d have all the required ice hockey equipment with me. Cheers K

I don’t play, but a lot of public rinks have a couple hours per day of open hockey. I’d call a couple of rinks when you arrive and ask what times they make available. Even if they don’t have true open hockey, they probably have a couple of groups that rent the ice once or twice per week and would be happy to put you in touch with those groups.

Most rinks will have their schedules online, and most will have open hockey at least a couple times a day/week. Insurance shouldn’t be a problem, you’ll just have to sign a waiver when you sign up to play, so if you get killed its your problem not their’s.

I do. You’ll be fine (as long as you don’t get hurt, obviously) - you’ll have to sign a waiver. I’d recommend offering to buy the guys on your team a beer after game one - this will give you credibility.

Thanks for the responses everyone! K