Anyone out there planning to study from official curriculum w/o third party provider?

Starting to get intimidated by reading that everyone is debating about which (or which 2 or 3) prep materials to use. Honestly I was planning to read the official curriculum and do the practice offered by CFAI.

And I usually spend way more than 300 hours with this approach.

How much time you guys have if you will want to listen to God knows how many hours of video lectures and do a ton of additional practice questions on top of the official material?

Me. I am planning to study with official materials. I know it will take way more time, but I chose it due to comprehensive knowledge that I will get.

I will turn to third party providers only in case I will be behind my plans and will need to finish readings in time to have enough days for revising materials and doing mock exams.

Did this for L2, will do the same for L3.

I am planning to do 200-300 hours of reading and 100-150 hours of practice questions and mock exams.

Same…just curriculum

Just official books the questions will be from them I will not waste my time or money on third party resources in any case. I did that for the past two levels I will not change it. And my first language is not English I need to practice. And it will be more than 600 hours like the first two levels

I used cfa curriculum exclusively for all 3 levels. Time management is key but much more manageable for level 3… At least in my case.

I plan on continuing to get wasted for the time being because I don’t think the cfa designation matters anymore or will help me get ahead.

but I’d love for someone to prove me wrong. For real… 11 out of 10 charterholders on here are so negative about the thing that it makes me question why I’m even doing this crap. I’d rather be partying on a beach in Bali.

^ from hundred thousands of people who take this exam, you’re really going to let a handful of opinions affect you like that? the majority doesn’t even use AF. Besides, from what I have seen people here have a tendency to be negative about everything and exaggerate everything.

U already passed 2 levels and you said once that your employer pay for your certificate. You have nothing to lose and time will pass any way. Have the three letters after your name

In my case my employer pay the fees and when I become a charter holder I will have $500 raise.

maybe your sample suffers from selection bias :slight_smile: it could be that only charterholders who have not benefited from the designation have time to roam on AF

totally agree. I believe that people with positive opinions most likely did not comment in AF.