Anyone pass CFAI sample exams and FAIL last year?

CFA Dummy: Yes, but you should be doing this anyway given my example above. One further bit of advice is to do EVERY single CFAI online exam question (both sample & mocks) no matter how much $ you have to spend. Last year I found that one of the Accounting vignettes from the CFAI sample exams was repeated almost word-for-word in the actual CFAI exam. Mcpass: Sorry mate. Atleast it is better preparing you.

coops… another friend of mine who took L2 last year said the same thing. I didn’t take many samples last year so I don’t recall… but he said to re-read the answers as well the previous night…chances of a few questions being repeated are very high… i hope …i hope he’s right…

Is that ‘Questions’ or entire vignettes?

don’t wanna confirm that…could be either…don’t let your hopes rise too high though!

I took all samples last year and deny that claim (there was a similar question)

There were a couple of freebies on LI that showed up on the sample and the actual exam. Here’s to hoping.

I agree. I took the sample exam last year and scored 79%. In the real exam I found only 1 problem which probably appeared in the sample exam (but anyway I can do it correct). And I failed in the real exam. That’s why I’m still here.

CHRIST!!! I need to go back home and put on a diaper.

It was an entire Accounting vignette that was repeated last year. The amounts and names ect were changed, but all 6 questions and even the set-up of the tables and question text were the same. This was awesome as I had already worked through the answers several times during my studies so I was able to answer straight away.

Totally agree on the curve balls…and there will be at least one set per sitting. It will make all the difference if you are so so on a few other areas. It’s got me more than once!

Another way for CFA to make money, the exam question might be in the practice exam? :slight_smile: Is this even legal?

coops Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I did too. My top score for one of '07 CFAI exams > was 83%. > > Whilst I believe that the CFAI exams are a good > example of what the actual questions are like, you > have to beware of CFAI trying to completely screw > you over in certain vignettes come exam day. For > ppl who sat the '07 exam they would know what I am > referring to ( eg CFAI having an entire Portfolio > Management vignette dedicated to TB, or having the > Econs vignette testing intricate details of the > growth theories). These curve balls WILL be the > difference between you passing and failing. > > My advice would be as follows - dont let a ‘pass’ > score on this years CFAI sample exams give you a > false sense of security. As come exam day if you > are borderline pass/fail you could find that CFAI > decided to dedicate an entire vignette to some > obscure LOS which you paid little attention to - > which will push you towards a FAIL. > > N.VanCandidate: you failed with me last year, > however your results were far more borderline > pass/fail than mine. Would you agree with what is > written above? Yup, Could not get more borderline fail than me last year with over 70%+ in 5 topics (FSA, Ethics, Equity, & Crop. Fin + Econ)…I hope I am on the other side of the border this year, but I am not even half as prepared as last year…:frowning:

N.V did you even bother with a retab?

jpm351 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > N.V did you even bother with a retab? No, I did not…I looked into it and heard in the history of CFAI no one has had their decision turned…so saved myself the $100.

CFAdummy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Another way for CFA to make money, the exam > question might be in the practice exam? :slight_smile: Is this > even legal? I would think not, as it would be disadvantaging the ones who did not take buy the samples…I would think a good lawyer can make a big case of it and sue their pants off.