Anyone plays tennis in London?

You guys went off topic…

With regards to gringo_bob’s concern, I would like to thank you first. But I have to kindly advise that

  1. London is safe, especially when a meet/activity takes place in a public place during daytime.

  2. Quality of people in Analyst Forum is promised to some extent.

All in all, it will be simply a tennis game - don’t think too much…

There is this club in London…it starts with a W?


Genie Bouchard will be playing tennis in London next week and hopefully until July 5th.

She is lovely.

at least i dont share a basement with my pops

Cool story bro

What If I Told You Meme - What if i told you? Igor is actually rahul


You are fking boring. Don’t open your mouth again. Do you understand? Do you fking understand the words coming out of my mouth?

Guys, I just went back from a tennis session. And it’s a coincidence that the opposite is indeed an Indian guy.

But what Gringo_bob concerned didn’t happen~

Don’t look now, but Eugenie Bouchard is in the Wimbledon championships! F*ck yeah!!!

Numi, I didnt know you like dawgs.

Ha. She’s hot, a rising star in the tennis world, and a closet CFA candidate (from what I heard in the “Hook Up” section of this forum)

Although she got put in her place, she has all the tools to become a champion. I am particularly impressed by her mental strength. I went long her career 2 years ago. I’m clearly in the money and riding this horse. The fact that she grew up 10 minutes from me has nothing to do with it.

I’m also a fan. The fact that I’d love for her to have my babies has nothing to do with it.

No need to fight over her. She has a twin sis.

lol @ all the hype of tis chick Bouchard. She got waxed in less than an hour.

lol @ all the hype of tis chick Bouchard. She got waxed in less than an hour.

and dat wax looks good.

I remember watching her live a few years back, it was a a friendly with Milos and Pete Sampras. Pistol Pete was the main draw for me - check one off the bucket list.