Anyone plays tennis in London?

Anyone plays tennis in London?


Nobody plays tennis in London.

Nobody at all.

correct me if there is anything wrong with my question.

ask that limey Tim Henman if he’d like to hit a few.

Just yanking your chain.

Grass courts and all?

I think he’s looking for someone to play with. I would if I was there. If anyone wants to play a noobie in NYC though private message me.

I know a few people. How good are you?

Yes you got what I meant.

oh I am a beginner and just started to have some lessons. So looking to practise a bit.

Using the internet to meet strangers to play tennis in a city known for crime? Aren’t you worried about getting gangraped?

^ London isn’t India bro, although parts are probably India-transposed.

I read that thread that rahul roy posted about that lady who met someone off Facebook in India and then got gangraped. If you look for a tennis partner, just be aware you may end up with more than just *that* kind of partner, especially in some of those India transposed areas. That was the key takeaway I got from reading his post.


I’m curious to know as to whether people are selectively filtering what they read or the media really is running with this story.

It is one of the more bizzare stories this year, I could understand the Delhi rape coming out in the open because it led to protests among many other things but the continuous barrage of stories make it seem like an agenda despite how crazy it sounds.

Everything out there, all the numbers even when you account for underreporting make rape and sexual assault a world problem. Victim shaming, downright refusal to take the word of the victim everything seems to be as common in the ‘civilized’ world and in the exclusive halls of ivy league colleges as they are in villages worldwide.

^ cool story bro back to the basement

It is time to fight for your motherland


lol, that was actually really lame but t’was the best i could do with my phone

^who is that?

Your daddy