anyone recommend a book on VBA?

i dont think you can put Advanced Excel skills on your resume without being proficient in VBA…

learn r instead…much more interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the late reply, not much going on at work and looking through old posts I missed.

Go for the Walkenbach VBA Power Programming.

i learned by myself, i think it is almost the same thing sytex wise except in vba you deal with excel cells easily, in you can link to excel but it is hard

i started by making stupid programs, like multiply numbers, then timer, then clock, all the way to getting paid to do an accounting package… so i guess best way to learn is by trying and looking at examples online

Walkenbach is pretty much the VBA standard reference/lesson.

If you’re totally green, then you may want to start with VBA for Dummies or something like that to get the structure, then use Walkenbach to scale up rapidly.