Anyone recommend Schweser Premium / Video CDs?

I plan on using Schweser’s notes and Q-bank so it would obviously be cheaper for me to just get their premium solution than to also buy Stalla’s program just for video lectures by Heatherington and Ben Jones. That said, my company reimburses me if I pass – so I am willing to pay more to increase my likelihood of passing. Does anyone have anything good (or bad) to say about Schweser’s video CDs and lecture notes? Does anyone know who is teaching on the Schweser video CDs and whether that instructor is any good?

I always felt that Stalla Video’s teach, where Schweser just has someone speaking their notes. Go on and view a sample of their video for Level III. The guy is talking an example but doesn’t write anything. Since everything it layed out, it’s harder to visualize. In Stalla instead of seeing them talk, you see them write the example as they explain how they are getting something. Must easier to understand/visualize.

I had them last year and would NOT recommend them. You would be much better off spending the 40 hours required to watch the videos to thoroughly go over the materials again.

I didn’t like Schweser videos. They were horrible. After watching 2 or 3, I shunned those DVDs. Allen Resource’s videos were good for Level 2 (my colleague had those)

Allen Resources? Are you serious? I thought they were shoddy! Do you work for them?

No, I do not work for Allen Resources or Schweser or Stalla and so on. I work for an asset management firm. When I said Allen’s videos seemed better than Schweser’s, you can understand how crappy Schweser’s videos were. They simply go LOS by LOS from the book. It would be much better if they use a paper and pen to go thru examples, but they chose to show a slide of a problem and talk about ir. Horrible!!

the only time i woudl ever watch a schweser video is if they had a hot chick on it. and from the samples that i’ve seen, its some fat dude, so i’ll pass.

personally, I thought the schweser videos were a good introduction to the material. I would watch them before I read the notes; I found them helpful in explaining most of the major concepts. Were they the best thing ever, definitely not, they could be improved, but they weren’t worthless. If you are under the impression that by just watching the videos you’ll be able pass the exam, you’ll be disappointed, but if you are the type of person who learns better by listening to someone else speak about the material (as opposed from just reading it yourself) I think they will add value.

Any clue who is teaching Schweser’s video this year?

PtrainerNY- Not sure, but a good bet would be Filbreck who I understand is good, and probably Holmes who I thought did a great job on L2 Gideon- You said you will go with Schweser video because its included in the premium package. Does that now mean you won’t be go with Stalla because of that despite your high opinion of Heatheringtonn and Jones? Is anybody else considering the two video series to fill the gaps each other misses?

UAECFA, check your e-mail

UAECFA – I plan on using Schweser notes & Q-bank, but am undecided on the videos. I think watching the two different sets of videos would be a waste of time.