Anyone relaxing with a tv show (Scandal, Game of thrones)etc......

Hi people,

Just after the exam is a good time to relax and catch up with tv shows or any guilt pleasures you might have. Ok for me I am hooked on Scandal and Game of thrones, watched Games of thrones last night and that episode left me mouth opened for couple of mintues. Just wondering if there are any other shows you guys are hooked on.

New season of Arrested Development. :slight_smile:

Am also going to binge on the most recent season of Mad Men on Netflix soon.

watched GoT…last episode was as shocking as the exam!! :stuck_out_tongue:

More shocking than exam for me - you know more what to expect from exam :slight_smile:

Hannibal, DVR’ed the first season while I was studying.

GoT, I started watching after the exam. Amazing stuff, addicted as hell.

Dont get addicted man…i did that too…now that season is over…i have nothing else to look forward to… :(:frowning:

How is scandal?

Scandal was good. It was a bit slow to start but then I just kept watching. I only have S1 to episode 7 on Netflix so not sure if there is more elsewhere.