Anyone sitting for Level 1 in HK for Dec 09?

I feel so alone.

I sat for it in Hong Kong in June 2009.

Hi Esco, Wanted to ask you, did you take any prep courses? If so which one and was it helpful. Also can you give me some guidelines? Thanks!

I took the one from Kornerstone - it was so-so. I relied more on the CFAI books. I’d say go for the tougher topics first - financial reporting and fixed income. Then gradually move on to the easier ones. Don’t overlook ethics and keep doing practice exams. Good luck.

Thanks ice6006. Btw can you just get the CFAI books before you sign-up for the test?

SStella, Regarding ICE6006’s advice - that’s a good suggestion in general, however bear in mind that some of the tougher topics will require material from the Quantitative Analysis section. Hence tackling that first would be a good idea. I find the material is laid out in a reasonably logical order as is. Also the difficulty builds up and ramps down - Ethics and Quant are relatively easy (I might catch some flak here…), then it gets difficult with FSA, then the latter topics like Alternative Investments ease things off. That worked well for me, but of course your mileage may vary. In the end, you have to ask what kind of student you are, and what works for you. Regarding getting the books - well, I’m sure you can find someone in this forum willing to do part with the books post-July28. :slight_smile: However, why not commit yourself by signing up for the exam now? Ernest

sorry for the delay in answering. I am going to register tomorrow.

Ahh Hong Kong, I miss those street vendors who sell waffles with peanutbutter and condensed milk

Hi, sorry for my delayed reply. I took the kaplan courses in HK last year, but failed band 10 the first time. 2nd time around I self-studied and found that a lot easier. It really depends on you, signing up for classes makes you study which is good if you’re busy with work, and there’s no substitute for practice questions which they supply plenty of. I would suggest reading through the schweser books and attempting the end of topic questions and reviewing with the practice mocks.

Thanks guys! And Daveydog… the street vendors are still here with the waffles and condensed milk! :wink:

I’m leaving for Hong Kong right after finding out whether I passed or not - for now, I’ve packed the first book of the Schweser Level 2 notes to read on the plane. Hopefully I won’t have to switch it out… Hum - waffles and condensed milk. Loved that stuff growing up in Hong Kong, not sure if the stomach is still tough enough for street vendor food. Will find out soon enough. Is there a “CFA candidates hangout/meetup” in Hong Kong? Somewhere in the IFC perhaps? :wink: Ernest