Anyone Start studying yet?

It seems like i already forgot everything I learned in L2. Are there any benefits in reviewing Level 2 material before L3?

wondering if I should start now…

Don’t bother, everything you need to know is in level 3 curriculum. Starting now is up to you, some are faster learners than others. I started about now last year.

I was wondering this too (how many people started already).

I’m a nope. Maybe get started in the next couple weeks, but I’ve got a couple other books I want to finish first. Realistically not until November sometime.

i don’t think there are much overlap from L2, don’t worry too much :slight_smile:

Schweser includes a previous level “refresher” book in their study materials but I would flip through it a bit and then end up putting it to the side to get to the new stuff. I would just focus on the new material.

just focus on the new material

Like others have said, there’s not much overlap. And if there is, then it’s covered in the new books, too.

Just focus on the L3 material.

Haven’t started yet - maybe in the next few weeks.

What’s your strategy?

Not started. Been reading the forum but haven’t been able to post for some reason. Every time I start writing a post I feel a little nauseous. Not sure why, guess I’m literally sick of anything CFA related.

I’ve got some 2013 L3 Schweser material from a colleauge. Will probably start 1st of October reading these until 2014 material comes out.

Will need to rethink strategy this year and get more done early rather than in April/May. My wife says she’s not going through what we experienced for L2 again. It was just a brutal experience for us and our marriage with 2 kids to take care of.

btw - good to see you on the forum again Fatso. You dropped off the forum a couple months before the exam and I thought you’d given up. Congrats on making it through, you seemed to be having a really tough time.

Oh gash!..I really don’t want to start studying again!!! Just a brief look at the CFAI material and I started to get the narcolpsy I had earlier this year…

It seems like everyone is still recovering from L2 - I know I still am… and it’s good to see alot of the regulars from the L2 forum here…

Last year, I started around this time.

However, I was working as a CPA in a tax practice, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to study between February 15th and April 15th, so I started early so I could get as much in as I could. If I didn’t have a seasonal job, I probably would have started in January-ish.

I think that one of the hardest parts about Level 3 is exam fatigue. I remember being so sick of CFA crap that I didn’t ever want to look at it again. I think this is one of the biggest contributors to the 50% pass rate for Level 3.

The rest of the story–I got laid off on Feb. 8th. I was able to pick up some full-time contract work, but nothing that required 70-80 hours a week, so I got ample time to study.

Exam fatigue… burnt out… basically the same feeling.

that 50% pass rate is really misleading. It makes the exam seem so easy (highest pass rate). But in reality, since you already filtered out all the people who couldn’t make it past L1 and L2, you are left with very dedicated, determined, hard working good test takers left at L3, and then still have to cut this group in half again…

Not easy…

I will start in November, feels like everything I read before the Xmas gets forgotten anyway. Even though I feel very burnt out still, I am relying on the “this could be the last time” buzz to get me through.

Just finished the CAIA Level 2 exam, might give myself 2 months off then get going around mid November.

I’ll probably start picking up the books next month some time. GTA V will be getting my full attention for a few weeks starting next Tuesday!

I got bored at work yesterday and put together a tentative schedule. Gonna start reading CFAI on Sep. 30, finish a casual readthrough w/o practice problems by Christmas, then go hard on Schweser starting January. Seems like a decent plan.

That gives me about 2 weeks of GTA, seems fair enough :smiley:

how’s the CAIA program? what do you think about it and how does it compare with CFA?

CAIA I is super easy. CAIA II is a little bitc you know what. It has a lot of overlap with CFA level II and III, but it’s a little easier than II. I’ve only read a little a bit of the III material, and never sat for the test but I’d say:

CFA II >> CAIA II >>>>>>>>>>CFA I >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CAIA I

How much does it cover things like commodites (oil/gas or agriculture?) The only reason I’d take it was because I work in energy, and might take over the farm. Much less interested in things like hedge funds and real estate, which IMO CFA covered sufficiently.