Anyone Started to study now?

Anyone Started to now… Or have already started studying. PLease Advice thanks

Me too

Just started - I got my Schweser kit today. With absolute zero backgound (into software business now), lets see how it goes.

ME too…Just started …zero background…

Plans to start with the quants and leaving the boring ethics for later, I am wondering when should I complete Schweser notes to start revising. With all the discussions in the forum, also not sure to how much I would be able to understand using just Schweser notes (I dont think I have any time to look into the CFAI curriculum). Which is the most difficult section of the course - FSA??

> > Which is the most difficult section of the course > - FSA?? Since I am new to Economics, I am finding it difficult compared to other topics. But Schweser is making my life easy…:).

Same here. Working as a Business Analyst (have worked on few finance related projects). Currently also undergoing part-time MBA (Finance). I am taking courses this semester which help me prepare for the CFA level 1.Hoping for the best. For me FSA, Quant will be more challenging. Have a idea about Eco, Corp. Fin.

where everyone has reached in there studying now. are you making notes for every term, point you come up with Or at first, reading all the books at once, and then re-reading and making points… how is everyone doing??

Err, I’ve been lagging it badly. I should finish economics sometime this week. I was reading the whole texts, but alot of the material is very familiar to me so I’m gonna be switching to the study notes using the texts for reference on any hazy material. I also spend my lunch at work going through schweser’s qbank.

I started mid dec and then lost focus (got bored with CFAI text), should be finishing book 1 this week and starting Eco before next. Working full-time as a “Quant”, so Eco and FSA should not be that hard to comprehend.