Anyone STILL waiting for L2 results email?

It’s been nearly 5 hours since the results emails wee sent and I still haven’t received anything…checked junk mail etc, but nothing to be seen.

is anyone else also still waiting for their results email or am I just being unlucky?

We both were the last ones probably to have received the results. Congrats Buddy or passing, me too.

Hah, yeah the wait was driving me mental I have to admit…luckily for us both it turned out to be a positive result.

Congrats also…now onto smash L3 next year!

I am still waiting for the result!! i will probably go on the CFA website when it will be available…

me! i am still waiting to see my results as i have not received any mail.

I am still waiting…any idea why such a delay?

I am still waiting…any idea why such a delay?


It cant be …I left my pencil three minutes before the final call

You can go onto the CFAI website now to view your results.