Anyone studying or done with FRA?

HELP! i started FRA yestrday and couldnt get past the first two pages. The material is sooo boring and horrible. Anyone else? How is your progress going? does it get better?

Started with FRA and am about 120 pages in. Only 3 brutal readings. Starts out with inventory which you should be familiar with already. The readings after pensions, multinationals, and intercorporate investments look fairly easy for the remainder of FRA. Make it past those three and this book doesn’t look that bad in my opinion.

very reassuring thank you. Good luck!

Our study group just finished our review week and are onto Corp finance this week. Can’t speak much to the material yet. I think you are slightly ahead of the curve in progress. FRA has the hardest material n the second study session. After that, it’s mainly synthesis.

i’ve done 2 of the 3 FRA readings, and yes they are boring (especially multi-national). i’m trying not to get bogged down the in details…i’m taking a live review class through my local society and will let them teach me the fine points. the LOS are very vague - it would be easy to waste a lot of time here, so best to let someone point you in the right direction, in my opinion.

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I started FRA yesterday as well. It certainly starts a little rough! But since we have a lot of time left, we can take the time to work through it and learn it well.

I’m a little more than half done with FRA (I’m reading #25 on foreign currencies). The toughest section thus far was #24, on pension plans. Part of what makes FRA so difficult is the curriculum. The authors simply put no color or dimension into the text, thus making it rather difficult and dry. I’m now reading Schweser first so that I have a top-down view before delving into the CFA text.

john harris is the man to add color to the fra material… definitely recommend him for anything to do with this material. …

cpk123 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > john harris is the man to add color to the fra > material… definitely recommend him for anything > to do with this material. … CP, FRA was my downfall on L2. Finance, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, etc… all clicked eventually, but the L2 FRA material crushed me on exam day. Have you ever been to one of his workshops? I’ve heard nothing but good things about his courses.

I went to his workshop in 2009 - got > 70% on FRA. 2010 - I was financially strapped - did not go to the live class - but was able to call him and clear doubts etc. since y-o-y material change was not too big - the 2009 stuff was good. I ended up with > 70% in 2010 as well. I recommend him without any reservations whatsoever. 2 days to cover all the material end to end in FRA - then to have his support thro’ when u are learning the material is an unbelievable bit of good fortune I would say. He is a practitioner, but able to explain the concepts so clearly, you can follow what is happening there after.

Thanks. I have had several folks recommend his class to me.