Anyone studying/studied with 7City?


I’ve been to a 7City information session recently. I found out that the notes and other material provided is like an ‘aid’ to the CFA curriculum and not a substitute (by substitute I mean something like Schweser). Which in one way seems clever as one ends up having to read the entire CFAI books but gives an outline to help. But in another way, if you don’t have much time (which is my case) something like Schweser could be the primary source and CFAI books the secondary. Has anybody used them, if so how useful did you find them?

Your answer will help me determine if I should study with them and If I do, to what extent should I rely/use the material, portal, videos etc.

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Whatever you choose to read I think will be fine, In my case after I read all the Schweser books I could not remember anything, but the real learning came after I did more than 2000 qbank questions, all the EOC questions (From Schweser and a lot from the CFAI books) and 7 schweser mocks which after finishing them I went over all 240 questions of the mocks since all the mocks Explain the answer and the 2 wrong ones so it was a huge progress

i think 7city has something where if you don’t pass you get your money back or you can take their course again for free or something. that seems quite interesting.

Thanks for your responses Hamanda and VWJetty.

I understand what you are saying, I guess one has to figure out what works for them. I’m going to start with Schweser books and refer to CFAI books.

Yes, 7City has no pass no pay, but I’m not thinking of no passing. dont want to take that risk.

Thanks again.

I’ve used 7city for Levels 1 and 2, and I think they’re excellent. The main benefit I found was their online progress tool and question bank. I would definitely recommend them.

In respect of which study materials to use, I personally only used Schweser at L1 and found that to be more than sufficient. If I was to do it again, I would probably start a bit earlier and do the EOC questions in the CFA book too.

For L2, I went through Schweser first, and then went back over some of the tougher subjects in the CFA books. I think the CFA texts are much more important at L2, as Schweser doesn’t cover everything, and the CFA EOC questions are more likely to come up in the final exam.

@ The Baron, Thanks for your time. Glad to know that it worked for you. I have bought the Schweser notes; but was skeptical about using only Schweser. I am going to try doing one reading/session from Schweser then try to do EOC questions from CFAI just to check if that works for me. What do you think?

The reason I thought of this was, honestly when I looked at Schweser FRA it looked too concise (or was I hallucinating?) as it only had the LOS on top and reading below which looked more like a summary to me.

@Oliver, Will take your suggestion of doing more practice problems. I think I am also going to use both 7City and Schweser. 7 City mainly for the videos and online portal and Schweser notes (i.e. if my plan above supports it)

Thank you very much for taking time to answer my questions…