Anyone studying using Stalla?

Everyone seems to use Schweser. I would like to know if there are any Stalla people out there, and how the “Passmaster” questions compare to the real exam questions. Thanks!

I am using stalla but I dont have the “passmaster”!

I have Passmaster… I am taking a sample test tonight… will let you know when I am done.

I am using PassMaster. Like any other drill question bank, it is a great instrument. I would say questions are a bit easier than the advanced questions in QBank from Schweser, and about 1000 question less than the Qbank for Schweser. The wording of the questions is more similar to the real exam than the wording in Schweser, but the mock exams and sample exams from CFAI are the best source if you’re looking for a “taste” of the real exam.

I found passmaster to be much better for SS9 in particular. While Schweser only has 70 questions overall for all of SS9 (inventories, capitalization, depreciation, taxes, financing liabilities, leases and obs) Stalla has about 50 questions per topic. Also it does not require you to connect to their slow-ass servers to retrieve the questions.

Yes, SS9 has about 380 questions.

Thanks guys. I am happy with the passmaster. And there are so many questions that I pbly will not have time to do them all. But I wanted to know how they truly compared to the real questions. I guess we will see. In the meantime… the more practice the better. Thanks again, d