anyone take the second mock yet?

i am gunning for this saturday…


You mean second 60 question one, or second 30 question one?

secong 60 question one…the actual mock jpm351…thats good news bro…keep it up…

still scared of failing; can I catch all the little tricks on exam day? Not sure…

me too… this test scares me… i feel like this test is impossible…but keep at it…make your mistakes now, learn and dont make them again…

are you retaking?

no. this is my first shot… how about u?

second - took it last year. Surprisingly, it wasn’t fun either year.

well best of luck this time around…

you too

funny how this board makes me a nice person…lol… man up…study hard and pass this f’ing thing… thats more like it(me)

taking it sat. I bet the majority of people are saving it for this weekend.

I took it last weekend. A bit easier than the first part, but still some tricky questions.

Caspian, what’d you get? I think I remember you from last year, are you repeating (not to twist the knife)? Are you ready to go?

I got a 75% on the second half, but did much worse on the first. ANd yes, I am repeating. As for being ready, yeah I guess Im ready although there is still a few things I need to go over and finalize. But I learned last year that just being ready isnt enough, you need to know everything second hand and then some. Hopefully this time around I covered the smaller stuff enough to pass.