Anyone taken the Series 7?

Advice on books and amount of study time to take it?

This are tons of other posts about this. Use the “Search” function above. If you have some background knowledge already, under 20 hrs studying would do it. You can basically read the prep book once briefly, then write and pass. It’s actually a bit of a joke exam - makes L1 CFA look like a monster.

dbfinley, Use Kaplan for the 7… literrally studied for like 4 weeks and passed. It’s like any other of “those” types of exams… you study you pass… not necessarily like other exmas we know of…!

Yeah, series 7 is not that difficult, and as Robbon said above, you can use Kaplan to study for it. It shouldn’t even take you a month of studying to pass it if you already work in the investment industry. You can’t compare it to L1 CFA on any level…, although you’ll find similar questions that will resemble L1 CFA ethics questions on there regarding suitability, diversification…etc. It’s a cake walk really.

Just do practice questions for a weekend or two and you will pass. Very easy test.