Anyone taking Scwheser Pro QBank Exams?

if so what scores are you getting? i’m around 70-80%, but think I shouldn’t be scoring that high based on where I am right now. anyone else?

are you doing only hard questions?

no, i have all three checked off. i guess i should only be doing hard questions? does the exam have questions of different difficulties? i was doing the same questions for L2, scoring in the 60-70 range right before the exam and passed.

I do just the medium and hard questions and score right around 75% each time. I really don’t know how good the exams are though. They seem a bit on the easy side. I’ve just printed out a bunch and I do them when I have free time on the plane, so I haven’t been timing them like a “real” test.

this is just my personal opinion backed up by nothing more than having passed level one and level two… BUT… i feel like the vignettes in the real tests break down roughly as follows: - two easier questions – either a simple calucation (like the IR ratio for example) or a simple definition - two intermediate questions – maybe a more advanced calculation or something you actually have to think about - two hard(er) questions – maybe there’s a trick or something funny about the wording, or maybe they hid the data you need in the vignette* if you can get most the easy / medium questions that you “should” get and enough of the hard questions to bump over 65%, you pass. *anyone remember last year when they hid the risk free rate outside of the relevant table and wrote “one percent” instead of 1% so that you might screw up the model? weeeeeeeeeak