Anyone taking the 3 day online review course from Schweser?

Just seeing if anyone out there is currently taking it. So far, I think it is doing a good job tieing eveything together but he does rush in a couple of places I find.

I thought about signing up for it but just decided to go over my 4 legal pads worth of notes and drill each section along the way. I may sign up and watch the videos in a week or two if I feel the need for extra practice. Most just doing AM exams, Topic tests, EOC and BB now.

Just finished my live 3 day session today. My instructor was good, he was also was a past exam grader which was very very helpful to get his insight. He actually clarified so many things that people talk about on forums, he considers them all “rumors”.

But having that insight and a “true” understanding how tests are graded was very helpful.

Pointing out what the usual AM and PM type questions was great too.

I’ve been studying a lot already so this was a great refresher course because in 3 Day I got a great view of what I need work on and what I don’t. If I were trying to pinpoint my weaknesses myself it would have taken longer and I wouldn’t have covered everything either.

As for learning something new… I’ll probably get a couple of extra points here and there but that’s it. But like I said, if you are learning alot from the video in terms of material… well you’re probably pretty screwed because it’s suppose to be a fast pace review course.

AlmostDone, who was your instructor? I had Greg Filbeck and he was pretty good

I had um… John Boussard? can’t remember last name. He was like Frank Underwood accent and personality (little higher voice) but he was good and funny. Kept the class entertained and just provided great tips I haven’t heard or seen anywhere else.