anyone thinking this means the results are coming tommorow?

this always seems to happen the day before or the morning that they release the results. i know the scheduled release is tuesday, but maybe we are getting them a day early. my rampant speculation $.02

i buy it

I am pretty sure results are coming Tuesday… In previous years, it looks like they have updated the website links just prior to releasing the results. This has probably been a confusing/rushed process, and they are trying to streamline it by doing it this weekend before the oficial release. So they gave themselves the weekend to work out the technical details on the website, and Monday as a buffer day to make sure they have time to get everything ready. Tuesday at 9 they will flip the switch as they did for Level I and we will all be able to see.

I would highly doubt it. They posted the release date and time. If they bumped it early they’d probably receive a flood of email from p!ssed off candidates for not following their release date. I think Dwight makes a good point.

i am no mre thinking… i demand the results tmrw after this insanity