Anyone up for Barter?

I am stuck with Income Taxes in FRA. If someone is comfortable with the topic, I could really use an hour of your time on skype. I am comfortable with Quantitative Methods and Economics. If you have a problem in a topic from those books, I could give you an hour of my time.

I guess you have to set a more favorable floating exchange rate to have people contact you! Nice post though :L)

Gambit Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I guess you have to set a more favorable floating > exchange rate to have people contact you! Nice > post though :L) I wish I could Gambit! That is all I know as of now. Of course, I could increase the number of hours in the offer… (or perhaps add that I have been a GMAT Instructor so I actually know how to teach - that might improve my credentials!) Jeez… anything to wrap up this topic!!!

Hey Anish, I assume you are an L-1 candidate right? Can you plz specify what kind of problems are you having with income taxes. I am actually preping for the gmat and to tell you the truth it is so annoying, yet my math skills are very strong. So, I told you the exchange rate is starting to work.

Yes, I am an L-1 candidate. Till yesterday, I had left Taxes mid way because I was unable to make sense out of much of it. Today, after going through a video, I feel a little better. I will review it from the CFAI text now and see if it makes sense. If I do have issues, I would be glad to get some help. Are you preparing for L2/L3? Meanwhile, I post regularly on GMATClub as a GMAT instructor (I represent my company there). Post your problems in their Quant section and I will find you (use Gambit as your Username). Will help you definitely (Barter or no barter :)) If you like, I can give you a skype session on particular problem areas too…

Hey Anish thanks for the offer, I will use this chance!. I am L2 candt. I will definitely register for the website. Let me know if I can be of any help for your L-1 prep. Taxes are not hard at all, just read it a few times both Schweser and CFAI and you should be fine. How can I find you on the GMATclub forum?

Register there and post some Quant question. I will pm you (As I mentioned before, use Gambit as your Username there so that I can identify you) And yes, I will definitely let you know when I am seriously lost!