Anyone use a waterfall shower head

I’m thinking about getting one (yes spare me the environmentalist gobble), my shower broke, and I spent an evening bathing by collecting water in large jugs and dumping them over me, and it felt awesome having a waterfall pour down instead of the usual shower.

So, now I’m looking at waterfall shower heads, maybe something like

what do people think of the idea?

It seems like it would increase shower time, as the water covers a smaller area compared to a normal shower head.

water usage can range from 2x to 5x a standard shower head

Go all out and get your shower remodelled with a few jets on each side, waterfall overhead, built-in entertainment system, etc.

Kohler has an awesome multi-headed shower. That’s the way to go. I think it runs about $4,000.

My uncle’s house has one of those showers with jets that come out through the side. It’s pretty fun, but wastes a lot of water. Also, one of the jets is around “waist level”, so there is potential for some fun.