Anyone use IAS (Interactive Advisory Software)? This looks rather impressive. Anyone use it?


… one more try.

Never heard of it X, we use a combo of stuff. Junxure-i is the hub with everything else being the spokes.

It’s being touted as the only piece of software that an RIA needs. “Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Back Office Services, Client Access Portals, and Rebalancing.” It costs upwards of $50k per year, though. A friend of mine that is an advisor thinks this is the way to go, but I tried to explain that he’s way too small for this amount of cost. Add to that they have never done anything beyond Microsoft Office at their office (in other words, no experience with major software implementations), and have been using a 3rd party for their back office (PM, back office, reporting, rebalancing) for many years. I just don’t think you can buy something, plug it in and, presto, it works. I think he’s in for a rude awakening when it takes a year to get up and running the way he wants it and the cost is 2x what he expected AND he ends up having to hire someone to run it anyway.

If he is small then I would stay away from it too. A lot of downside, when the intergration can be had piecemeal for MUCH less. It might not be quite as seemless, but he could save about $30,000 (my guess).

I think one downside is if that company goes out of business, then what? Second, I’d rather piece together some best of breed solutions. Many of the best integrate with each other already. You may be interested in checking this out…

Nice, thanks mwvt9!

X, Similar to what you said, we prefer to use best of breed software in each of those areas. We’ve talked in the past, we were just switching to Black Diamond for our portfolio management (the switch sucked but very happy now that everything is working). Our Software: Black Diamond of PMS (which does the back-office reconciliation) Junxure for CRM Naviplan for Planning M*, DFA Returns, and internally developed stuff for investment analysis (we have MPI Stylus but don’t use it enough to justify keeping it) Other stuff: Finametrica, IPS AdvisorPro Like mwvt9 suggested, take a look at yoursilverbullet when deciding on new software. For example, MoneyGuidePro integrates with just about everything on the planning front (its goals-based vs cashflow based though which led us to Naviplan). We’re all-in under $20k with the biggest expense the port mgt software.