Anyone use Kalshi?

I have been playing around with Kalshi Markets the last few weeks. I was curious if anyone else uses this and what you think?

For those of you not familiar, Kalshi is an “Events Market” where you can trade based on the outcome of political/economic/weather/news events with “yes/no” contracts.

I’ve made BTC-based prop bets on sites like Nitrogen sports over the past few years, so the idea of using an events market is a pretty familiar concept, and I jumped at the chance to play around with it. And given that it’s CFTC-regulated, it’s probably a little safer than some other places where one can make prop type bets.

I just put $1k on there to play around with but so far it’s pretty fun.

William Hill used to do this sort of thing. They may well still do so.

I did prediction markets during the Biden Trump election. You could get double digit returns betting that events that already happened were real, like Biden winning the election. I wish there weren’t size limits, I made a killing and learned a lot of the tricks of the platform. I plan to show up again if Trump runs again

Looks like you might not get your wish: