Anyone use the SchweserNotes Flash Cards?

Should I purchase them? Are they relatively helpful? Thanks.

You’re much better off making your own flash cards, and writing them by hand (i.e., not typing them on the computer).

Writing flash cards will help lock in the information.

(When I was studying for the exams, I wrote flashcards several times, throwing them away each time. The writing was the key.)

Okay, gotcha. Thanks for getting back to me. I guess Ill try that. Now, did you just write out the key terms (bold terms) and vocabularly mostly?

I wrote everything.

(My wife complained about the stacks of 3×5 cards I had lying about.)

There’s that 90% discount again.

I recomend 4 by 6 cards if your going to make them yourself… You can’t but much detail in 3 by 5 …or if you like writing in with large letters