Anyone use those financial planning websites like

I am trying these out -, Personal Capital, or similar. They just make me more confused and spam me with ads for financial services. Not sure if it’s just the learning curve. Does anyone use this sort of service, and is there any value?

I do. I found Mint to be the best of all I tried. And I don’t get any emails, you need to change your settings. It’s 100% a value add. I would change banks, credit cards, etc if they weren’t comptabile with mint.

What do you actually use it for? Is it for drawing up personal budgets or something?

I’ve heard good things about Mint. Tried it once and got bored and haven’t been back.

I do, their sync fails all the time though :-/

Mint is sick. I simply use it to see my financial position at any point in time. My total cash inflow and outflows are consolidated making it easy to see how much cash I have, when I need to pay bills, and how my investments are doing.

I get zero spam. Couple this with Credit Karma and you’ll be in good shape.

I use quicken. Its nice having a standalone program for tracking spending. But yeah, I just use it to see my overall financial position. Put in all my payments over the next few weeks and I can see how much money I have left to pay down debt/save for vacation/whatever. Sure you can do it all wiht excel or in your head, buts its nice to just track it. Plus it tracks how much I spend on booze or cigarettes in a year, which is nice.

Same, I love Mint. I use it to set up budgets for all my recurring expenses and it summarizes anything I didn’t budget for. I highly recommend it. It doesn’t take a lot of time to deal with on a recurring basis.

The more you use it, the better it is based on historical data. I have like 30 accounts synced to mint. You know how long it’d take me to find out if someone stole my checking account info and was messing with my account? Mint allows me to see all my accounts daily with ease. It also notices my spending and points out credit cards that i’d earn more rewards with.

It also categorizes my expenses, so I can make all sorts of charts and see trends over time. Last 6 months, last 2 years. What do I normalyl spend on restaurants? And it, for the most part, automically updates and categorizes my expenses. Great stuff.

I also rent property out. I have custom categories for rental expense and income. Same with other tax related entries. Tax season comes, I export all those to excel. In 2 minutes I have all my tax stuff prepared.

It also tracks my investments relative to the benchmark of my choice easily.