Anyone used Analystninja or Konvexity mocks???

Just checking if anyone has used orKonvexitymocks. I personally found the Konvexity mocks very helpful when I was studying level III last year esp the PM mocks. Not used but I hear they have good AM mocks. I’m planning to set up something similar to both sites next year and wanted to find out if anyone else find these mocks helpful???

Have you exhausted the CFA old AM tests, Practice problem sets and mock tests on their site? Have you used the kaplan mocks?

I would do them in that order before considering other resources.

I don’t see the point of other providers if you have all of this for **FREE**:

  • CFAI AM mocks going back to 1999, - 64 item sets (384 questions) from CFAI, and; - all the CFAI EOC questions.